Monday, September 21, 2020

My Review of Vested Finance - Invest in US stocks from India/Australia

I have been using Vested Finance since last two weeks. Here is my review and FAQ based on my experiences with Vested

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Q: I am a NRI, can I transfer money to Vested using Transferwise?

A: Yes.

Q: I am Resident Indian, Can I transfer money using Transferwise?

A: No. I recommend using ICICI Bank for quick money transfer.

Q: Where to put For the Further Credit of information in Transferwise?

A: You need to add it in Transferwise Reference field.

Q: For NRI, how dividends are taxed?

A: Dividends are taxed as per the DTAA agreement between USA and country of your tax residency.

Q: What is the difference between signing up for Vested directly compared via Kuvera?

A: Kuvera uses Vested backend, however if you signup using Kuvera, you won't be able to use Vested mobile application. Also, you won't be eligible for signup bonus from Vested.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

How to pay Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) water bill online

First you need to register at MCC portal. Visit this URL to register:

Once you register using your mobile number, you can see the Pay Water Bill online link:

MCC Water Bill Payment

Alternatively, you can visit the below PayU link directly: 

Warning: This post is provided for information purpose only. Please verify authenticity of website before proceeding. I am not responsible for any financial hardship/losses/delay/penalty etc as a result of use of above links.

Friday, July 24, 2020

NIFTY code for BHARAT Bond EFF

For some strange reasons Edelwiess Mutual Fund does not advertise the NIFTY code for Bharat Bond ETF. I had real trouble finding them online.
Here are the NIFTY code for Bhrat bond ETF 2023 and 2030 versions:
VariantNifty Code

Monday, July 20, 2020

How to show INR/Rs in Lakh, Crore format in Google Sheet/Microsoft Excel

I use Google sheet to keep track of my investment portfolio. One bad thing with Google sheet is that it does not provide Lakh format out of the box, however adding support is straight forward.

To add support for Lakh and Crore to Google Sheet, navigate to Format -> Number -> More Formats -> Custom Number Format and enter below custom number format as per your requirement.

To show positive and negative INR/Rs. up to Lakh


To add support for positive lakhs and crores


Add support for negative lakhs and crores

For Microsoft excel, add the above format at
Format -> Cells -> Custom -> [Custom text box]
Below screenshot demonstrates above custom format in use:

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

How to calculate Indian Fixed Deposit maturity value in Excel/Google Sheet

Being an Indian, I do regularly invest in Fixed Deposit to balance my investment portfolio. I use Google sheet to track all my fixed deposits along with my other investments.
In this article, I talk about various formulas to calculate the fixed deposit maturity values in Excel/Google Sheet.
There are various variants of fixed deposits popular in India. They are
  1. Cumulative interest payment - interest is paid upon maturity.
    1. Short Term Deposit: Interest paid at the end of maturity without any compounding, instead simple interest is applied.
    2. For deposits > 180 days, interest is paid quarterly and is compounded  quarterly.
  2. Quarterly interest payout - Interest is paid out the depositor quarterly, and at the end of the maturity, you get the original deposit amount back.

Let us take a look at them separately.

Cumulative interest payment - Short term deposit

Interest is calculated using a simple interest formula. Which is time * period * principal amount.
In Excel, you can use below formula
=(interest rate in %*(period in months*365/12+remaining period in days)/365*principal amount
Example: Rs. 15000 deposited for 5 month 21 days at 4.4% interest rate
Special Note: % in the above formula is important, otherwise you need to normalise the interest rate by dividing it with 100.
Example: =(4.4/100*(5*365/12+21)365*15000)

Cumulative interest payment - Regular term deposit

You can check sample Google sheet with above calculations here.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

A dream come true - 16Mbps internet connection

I always dreamt of this day - A high speed internet connection which is at par with rest of the world. Finally its here.

Just as Airtel launched their new high speed plans, I was quick enough to grab one. And the best of all - I got an unlimited plan!

Here is my speed test result:

So when are you upgrading yours?

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rolling in the Deep by Vazquez Sounds

Though I like songs of Adele very much, I didn't like her Rolling In The Deep song to that extent. Finally I found a better version of this song & surprisingly this version isn't performed by Adele.

This song is performed by young group named Vazquez Sounds, lead by vocalist Angie Vazquez.

With this video going viral on internet, I can safely say that Angie Vazquez will be a YouTube star to watch out in future.

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