Monday, January 23, 2006

My new web identify

Since I registered my first email account in 2000, I have been trying to setup my own identity over internet.

The first step was Yahoo! Geocities. I used Microsoft office’s save as HTML file function to create my own little website. I used this website to share and distribute the programs created during my engineering studies. This website soon become famous among fellow students to leech assignment programs! :D

However since beginning I wasn’t happy with Geocities. Geocities pages were static, they didn’t had any dynamic life! Modifying static web pages was cumbersome and one could easily break entire website.

My search for dynamic and easy publishing ended up with two choices in front of me.
They were:
  1. Weblog
  2. Wiki
Both looked interesting to me, so I thought to give both a shot! It didn’t take long time for me to figure out that weblog is what I was looking for all the time!

I don’t remember exactly when I heard something about blogger for the first time. I do remember registering an account with blogger and setting up a sample blog long ago. This is during time when I didn’t know anything about blogging!

So while I was trying to understand weblog, my old blogger account came very handy. This blogger account already had a good Blogspot sub domain! Something which I always wanted!

OK, enough of history. All I wanted to say is that here I am with my new web identity! My own blogger website!

I hope that blogger is much easier & pleasant to use than raw HTML files!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! It’s my birthday today! :)

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