Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ninnindale song download

Milana Kannada Film

Check this awesome song from the Kannada movie Milana.

Watch the video of this song @ YouTube


Download this song mp3 from here.

Mano Murthy has continued his melodious tuning even for Milana. Mano Murthy has become a top music director now with three big hits like Mungaru Male, Cheluvina Chiththaara and Mathaad Maathaad Mallige. Milana is the latest addition to his hit group.

Already the audio of this film has become a big hit in market. Ninnindhale Ninnidhale is the most popular song of this film.

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Roopa said...

lovely song indeed

dhamo27 said...

lovely song

dhamo27 said...

wat a nice song

Anonymous said...

thnx man