Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Airtel: Subscribe to e-bill, and forget about it!

I guess, this is the new slogan of Airtel. I say this because, I subscribed for email statements for my 2 postpaid mobiles. I still haven't received my Feb months e-bill for both of them!

When I complained about this, They took around 10 days for investigation and today a sent a SMS saying that, they can not send my e-bill statements, as they don't have any with them!

They have charged me around Rs. 400/- for Feb month, whereas my monthly rental is just Rs. 250/- and there is no way I can know now where the hell they charged the rest of the amount!

On top of that, they haven't changed the due date!  />:0

What f****ing looser company ?  />:-]

I guess, competition is good, soon we'll have many player for GSM in Karnataka. That time, I will show middle fingure to Airtel and switch to some other operator.

Till that, I guess I have to bear with f****ing Airtel people. :(


As one of my colleague suggested, I wrote a mail to Airtel nodal officer for Karnataka region and Voila! within next 24 Hrs I received email bill from Airtel. wow, I never thought this would work. o_O

Come on, When Airtel customer care people couldn't send bill even after taking around 3 weeks, nodal officer took less than 24 Hrs to send the same. SWEET. :)

Looks like TRAI rules are showing its power or its just because competition is heating up..

You can get Airtel nodal officer's email address from Airtel website. To get the nodal officer contact details, Select "Customer Support" and select your region.

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