Monday, March 23, 2009

Think twice before you vote!!!

Now that elections are nearing by, I have a humble request with all you people. Think twice before you vote.

Don't forget that, India and World is facing a worst financial crisis ever and India desperately needs a strong government this time.

We need a government which can fight against terrorism, we need a government which can take tough decision during tough time.

Do you think a alliance government with hundreds of sub parties can do this ? Do you think that Left parties and Third party alliance can give us a strong government ? I still don't understand what these third party people see out of bahan Mayavathi. :( i.e.; at-least tell me what great qualification she has to make her a prime minister candidate ?

Whichever alliance government it is, it is of no good to India. I strongly believe that, whichever party it is, a single party majority government is what India needs now actually..

So, I think its better to select any party which has nationwide existence. That leaves us with only Congress and BJP.

So, you have only two choices, Congress or BJP. Which one will you select ? That is up to you..

Think twice and vote. Thumbs up!

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