Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bangalore and Rain

Mansoon rain has just hit Bangalore.. I guess BBMP wakes up only after water start pouring heavily.. (some people have doubt on this also!)

Anyway, Here are photos of yesterdays rain in Bangalore..

I started from my office at 6.15 PM just to reach my home at 9.15 PM. During normal days, I would reach home by 7.50 PM.

These photos are taken at Bannerghatta road, where you can do boating with just half an hour of rain.

I saw many two wheeler people with their engine filled with water. I guess these people by-mistake switched their engine off, while driving in water filled roads.

TIP: When your vehicle is inside the water, don't switch off your engine! Otherwise water will go inside the engine through exhaust pipe, and you'll never be able to switch it on again!

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