Monday, July 20, 2009

My Experience: Filing Income Tax return for year 2009

Today I filed my income tax return. It was much more simple and painless job than I originally thought it would be.

I downloaded the ITR-1 and acknowledgement form Income Tax department e-filing website. Printed it and filled it with the help of online tax helper such as TaxSmile.

TaxSmile told me that, I have some pending amount to pay as self assessment tax. Paying this was also pretty painless. I went to e-Payment section of Tax Information Network website and paid this tax instantly using my SBI online account.

The only place where I had difficulty in filling my ITR-1 form was with the section, where I had to fill the designation of the assesing officer. I searched many websites to know what to fill here. Finally I found the required information in Karnatata State Income Tax website.

After filling my ITR-1, I went to palace ground where Income Tax Department has set up 90 special counters just for IT returns. Believe it or not, it took me just few seconds over there to submit my IT returns and come back with the acknowledgement. I just had to go to the respective tax assessing officers counter to get it done.

I was expecting a huge crowd over there, as I went on Sunday. but I was so wrong! At-last Income Tax department has done some thing right this year.

So, overall my experience with Income Tax return this year was pretty painless. I didn't go to any middle person or agent, did everything my self, without any hurdle or pain. And more importantly without spending any extra money at all!

This is the way to go forward for Income Tax department. :)


One of my blog reader named Suresh Meenakshisundaram had asked me a question about the documents which we need carry while filing our Income Tax return at the counter. You just need to carry your ITR-1 form along with the acknowledgement form. No other documents or Form-16 is necessary. Don't forget to double check the written details. Especially the PAN.

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