Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pass aao, Come closer

I fall in love with this TV Ad by Close-Up from the time I saw them first on air. Nice models, Nice location (Indonesia) and awesome singing by Sona Mohapatra was the reason behind it!

Here is the Extended Remix version of this advertisement, which combines the Indian & Indonesian version of this TV Ad. I must say that it’s very nicely done.

Here is the new version of this TV Ad - Revolving Door released in 2009. I love the song used in this version and badly wanted to make it my mobile ring tone. Sadly I still don’t have Agency cut version of this TVC.

Today while watching IPL, I saw another version of this Ad in which a couple kiss with each other using rose to hide their kiss. I still don't have that video. :(

Here is original song performance by Sona Mohapatra. This song is supposedly part of her album named Mumbai. However till now I never heard this song anywhere other than this TVC.

And finally, if you want to make this song as your mobile ring tone, download the audio of this video using link given below.

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