Monday, September 21, 2020

My Review of Vested Finance - Invest in US stocks from India/Australia

I have been using Vested Finance since last two weeks. Here is my review and FAQ based on my experiences with Vested

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Q: I am a NRI, can I transfer money to Vested using Transferwise?

A: Yes.

Q: I am Resident Indian, Can I transfer money using Transferwise?

A: No. I recommend using ICICI Bank for quick money transfer.

Q: Where to put For the Further Credit of information in Transferwise?

A: You need to add it in Transferwise Reference field.

Q: For NRI, how dividends are taxed?

A: Dividends are taxed as per the DTAA agreement between USA and country of your tax residency.

Q: What is the difference between signing up for Vested directly compared via Kuvera?

A: Kuvera uses Vested backend, however if you signup using Kuvera, you won't be able to use Vested mobile application. Also, you won't be eligible for signup bonus from Vested.

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